Our solar control
products can save money
by reducing costs
associated with heating
and air conditioning


Glass Options

Using the very latest technology, our Advanced Glass Units combines solar reflection and thermal insulation, while reducing the damaging UV rays that can fade furnishings and fabrics. Glare is reduced, your indoors are warmer in winter and energy bills are lower.

What’s more, our AGU always features a self-clean coating so that dirt and grime are washed away.

All of our products
in the Advanced Glass
options range still
include the standard
features offered
within the Insulated
Glass Units range.



ECOclean is our branded self-clean hard coating applied on glass that increases decay of dirt particles dusting outdoor side of external pane of glass unit in a window. It occurs under sun light. Then, while rain, dirt particles flush down much more easier than from standard glass pane surface.
Our Advantage Glass Units – AGU can also be featured with other basic features we offer for our standard category, Insulated Glass Units – IGU. The are Safety, Security, Silence


High technology solutions for today’s houses All Climate double glazed units incorporate toughened safety glass and are manufactured to the highest British and European Standards, accredited to BS EN 1279 and BS EN 12150. Units also incorporate Argon gas, a safe and inert gas that improves insulation, and warm-edge spacer bar technology that reduces “cold spots” and condensation, avoiding the formation of unsightly mould while improving thermal insulation

Solar reflection is the amount of heat from the sun that is deflected away.

‘U’ value, or thermal insulation, is a measure of the rate of heat loss through the double glazing, and calculated as W/m2K. The lower the ‘u’ value, the better thermal insulation is achieved. Light transmission is the percentage of visible light directly transmitted through the glass.