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With three large production facilities Glass Systems leads the industry in IGU fabrication.

Our dedicated conservatory roof division, fabricates & distributes a range of conservatory roof glazing.

With our dedicated delivery fleet we have the ability to deliver across england and South Wales.

Our state of the art machinery allows us to produce IGU's in a fast and efficient way.

Manufacturer and supplier of Conservatory roofs in the UK

Aqua HP Conservatory Roof Glass

An image of a conservatory with Climate Aqua HP glassAqua H.P is a high performance conservatory roof glass that has the ability to block up to 72% of the sun’s rays, making it ideal for installations where there is increased exposure to sunlight. This intelligent glazing system features a self-clean coating and is manufactured using the latest warm edge technology to improve insulation and reduce condensation.

aesthetically pleasing and low maintenance

Aqua H.P’s combination of high aesthetic and low maintenance qualities enables our customers to offer consumers a sophisticated conservatory roof glass that is easy to clean and will considerably reduce energy bills.

Activ Blue conservatory roof glass

an image of a conservatory using Climate Activ Blue glassClimate Activ Blue is an attractive blue tinted glass that reflects over 60% of the suns solar energy. This keeps the conservatory cool in the summer and significantly reduces solar glare as well as damaging UV rays that can fade furnishings and fabrics.

Twice as well insulated as standard double glazing

The sealed unit incorporates a low emissivity inner glass that is filled with argon gas, making Activ Blue twice as insulating as standard double glazing. It also features a self-cleaning microscopic film coating that uses daylight and rainwater to wash away dirt and grime.

Activ Neutral conservtaory roof Glass

an image of a conservatory using climate Activ NeutralActiv Neutral provides the same insulating and self-cleaning properties of Climate Activ Blue but without the tint, giving the glass a striking clear finish.

This low maintenance glazing system is ideal for conservatory side-frames and installations where exposure to sunlight is reduced.

Privacy conservatory roof glass

An image of a conservatory using climate privacy glassWith a lightly treated surface that makes it impossible to see into from above, Climate Privacy is ideal for overlooked conservatories.

But while neighbours won’t be able to see in, Privacy still allows natural light to permeate the exterior glass, so your customers can still feel the benefits of their conservatory even during the winter months.

Climate 4s conservatory roof Glass

Climate 4s is an understated energy efficient glass that can be used for both conservatory roof and vertical glazing applications. It reduces heat loss more effectively than traditional low-E products and maintains a cool environment in even the hottest weather. It reflects up to 57% of solar heat gain through conservatory sidewalls and as much as 71% when used in conjunction with Climate Aqua H.P.

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