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Energy ratings information

The BFRC energy rating scheme

The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) is an organisation that developed the Window Energy Rating (WER) scheme for the UK. The WER scheme determines how energy efficient a window is based on its insulating properties. The window will then be given a rating from G-A, with G being the least efficient. These values are displayed using the ‘rainbow scale’, a consumer recognised system similar to those used on white goods.

Companies that wish to have their own WER must comply with BFRC procedures in ensuring a quality management system is in place as well as undergo assessment from an independent agency that checks any simulations carried out are correct and that the window complies with BFRC requirements.

These results are forwarded to the BFRC who will then issue WER labels and list the company and products on the BFRC website. Any changes to the product will require a new assessment and WER labels have to be renewed annually.

Show your commitment to energy efficiency

Becoming BFRC approved demonstrates to potential customers your company’s commitment to producing quality products that are environmentally friendly and comply with the regulations laid down by Document L.

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