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Our flagship purpose built branch in Swansea is the heart of our operation, and where we produce 30,000 insulated glass units per week.

Our continual investment in state of the art machinery, combined with our high calibre workforce allows us to lead the industry in insulated glass unit production methods.

Our dedicated fleet of transportation vehicles get our products to the centre of your operation, whether that be your warehouse or a worksite.

Our dedicated stained and bevelled glass studio and the attention to detail we’re known for allows us to provide our customers with the very best option each and every time.

Ordering And Deliveries

An image of a glass pane with labelOrdering

We much prefer emails rather than faxes – the chances of mistakes because of unclear digits and orders going astray are much reduced. Please note, we will not accept verbal orders by telephone for obvious reasons.

Order through EDI (Electronic Data Interface)

We have an increasing number of customers now ordering by EDI (electronic data interface). This transfers the data straight out of your system and into ours, thus speeding up the process and more or less eliminating the chance of errors. It also leads to options such as bar coding and the associated benefits this brings.We will be more than happy to support you with the costs associated in setting this up – please speak to us call on 01443 231 033.

We can send back order confirmations and acknowledgements in a number of formats that will ensure you are getting the information you need. Preferences vary, again please speak to us. As with any production operation we have systems to follow in order to maximize our service to you. We therefore have “cut offs” in place to ensure everything runs smoothly.


an image of a fork lift loading glass in to a lorryGlass Systems Ltd run a modern fleet of predominantly Mercedes curtain sided 18 and 7.5 ton lorries as well as a number of Mercedes Sprinter vans. To ensure ongoing reliability to our customers we have an ongoing policy of upgrading a percentage of our fleet with new vehicles each year.

A range of different stillage types and loading methods to make your life easier

Once your account is open, you will be given set delivery days each week. Deliveries can either be “hand balled” loose off the vehicle, or by stillages that can be folk lifted off the lorry. Certain lorries have opening roofs so stillages can be craned off.

We have a number of different types of stillages and methods of loading them. Please talk to your Sales Manager or our Transport Department, regarding any specific requirements, including site deliveries. Whatever your chosen method, our Transport Department and our experienced team of Drivers – the most important “ambassadors” for our company will do their utmost to ensure you get “what you want when you want.

Speak to our Transport Department on 01443 231033

Cut off times

For standard annealed and toughened units the general rule is midday on Day 1 for delivery on Day 4. Please bear in mind your set delivery day when planning your delivery. This is summarized below:

Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
O     D            
  O     D          
    O     D        
      O     D      
        O     D    

For leads, georgians, stained, shaped, and triple glazed units this lead time goes to midday on Day 1 for delivery on Day 7. In all cases if you need something quicker and we can help then we will – please talk to the Sales Office staff.


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