Glass Systems steals the Show with over 150 new leads

Glass Systems FIT ShowGlass Systems, the UK’s largest independent sealed unit manufacturer, has recorded a huge success at this year’s FIT Show, with over 150 new leads collected throughout the three days of exhibition.

FIT Show visitors were tempted with a one-off special offer of 50% off Climate conservatory roof glass and a special price for decorative glass, both of which attracted a lot of interest from fabricators and installers alike.

The decorative glass options include coloured, neutral and bevelled designs, while the Climate conservatory roof glass is available in a range of different styles, each one offering benefits such as reduced glare from the sun, self-cleaning and thermal efficiency. New clients can take advantage of the special price reduction until the end of June.

Following the recent opening of a new factory in Peterborough, FIT Show was the perfect opportunity for Glass Systems to connect with fabricators and installers located in the eastern region of the country.

Kevin Pearce, national sales manager of Glass Systems, commented: “This year’s Show has been an excellent experience for Glass Systems. Aside from meeting over 150 potential new clients, we also had the chance to catch up with our existing customers and present our latest innovations. We had a permanently busy stand and we’re expecting a high number of conversions following the show”.

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Peterborough factory is all Glass Systems go!

The UK’s largest sealed unit manufacturer, the Glass Systems Group, has opened a new 40,000 sq ft factory in Peterborough and despite being open less than a month, is already manufacturing an impressive 3,000 units per week.

Called Glass Systems East Anglia, the new division is headed up by long established IGU sales director Mervyn Raby and production manager Khaled Elleboudy. The site is equipped with 2 Lenhardt Bystronic IGU lines, one of which is capable of producing units as large as 4000mts by 2700mts, while the other has a tandem gas press capable of producing units at high speed. Lisec of Austria have supplied all cutting and bending machinery.

Sales director Mervyn Raby comments: “The first phase of our plan is to supply sealed units into Essex, Norfolk and East Anglia area on a daily basis, and to deliver into cities like Norwich twice a day with a special delivery service for urgent remakes.

“Phase 2 will be to establish a northern route up the A1 to cities like Barnsley, Sheffield, Leeds and other large northern cities. It will start with a three day a week service and depending on demand will hopefully have a daily delivery into these areas. The final phase will be to venture further north to the Sunderland and Newcastle areas.”

Glass Systems EA will manufacture the same products it already produces in other factories, including soft coat Eco pane sealed units, as well as decorative glass options.

Production manager Khaled Elleboudy discusses factory volumes and equipment in more detail: “We are planning to introduce a third IGU production line but we have not decided if this will be for domestic IGU’s or Climate roof glass production as of yet. If we do decide to focus on domestic IGU’s, our target will be to manufacture 25,000 units per week. In the meantime we are gearing up for the large task of installing a Tamglass 2448 Pro Con Furnace, which is due to go live later in the year.”

The Glass Systems Group managing director John Wood concluded: “With production throughout the rest of the Group currently just under 50,000 sealed units per week, our target of 70,000 per week should be achievable in the next couple of years, keeping Glass Systems well ahead in the UK IGU market.”

‘Not to be missed’ special offers at Glass Systems FIT Show stand

Glass Systems FIT ShowGlass Systems, the UK’s largest independent sealed unit manufacturer, is encouraging fabricators and installers to visit their FIT Show stand to take advantage of two ‘not to be missed’ product discounts.

Glass Systems are running a special offer for both Climate conservatory roof glass and decorative glass that will run from the start of the FIT Show until the end of June. The decorative glass options include coloured, neutral and bevelled designs, and will be on display at the Glass Systems stand. Climate conservatory roof glass is available in a range of different styles; each one offering benefits such as reduced glare from the sun, self-cleaning and thermal efficiency; and the special price reduction is likely to grab the attention at the show.

Kevin Pearce, national sales manager of Glass Systems, commented: “Visitors to the Glass Systems stand have the opportunity to learn more about the company, our products, and what we can offer. “We’re also running a special offer on two of our products for all new customers to the Group, so if you want to find out how you can take advantage of our competitively priced deals be sure to visit us on stand 314 in hall three.”

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Climate cools the sizzling summer

Climate GlassNot only has the recent hot weather proved a welcome surprise to those of us who expected another cold, wet summer; it has proved very profitable for installers of Climate conservatory roofs.

According to Climate’s managing director Alan Atkinson, the soaring temperatures throughout June and July sparked a surge in sales of Climate roofs -particularly in the retro-fit market – as many homeowners decided they want enjoy their conservatory during the good weather.

“The recent hot weather has proved quite frustrating for people with a polycarbonate roof as they have not been able to enjoy their conservatory at a time when they have most wanted to” Alan comments.

“Many homeowners have discovered they don’t have to buy a new conservatory to significantly improve performance, they can simply replace they’re tired old roof with Climate.  Climate roofs can reflect up to 78% of the sun’s rays, making them ideal for installations where there is increased exposure to sunlight.

“Climate also offers enhanced thermal performance, meaning the conservatory can be used all year round, and has a self-cleaning coating for a low maintenance, high shine finish. Our trade customers have capitalised on this thirst for Climate roofs and sales have proved exceptional throughout the summer months.”

Alan can see huge potential in this retro-fit market and is pleased to see a number of installers to contacting old customers and ‘upgrading’ them to a Climate roof.

“Winning new business can sometimes be quite tough for a conservatory installer. Most consumers will only buy one, maybe two conservatories in their lifetime, meaning installers constantly need a stream of new sales leads. But rather than always searching for new business, installers should consider contacting old customers and offering them an upgrade to a Climate roof.”

Alan continues: “We live in an ‘upgrade society’ where consumers constantly change phones, cars, and more – and contacting old customers and offering to re-glaze their existing conservatory roof with a Climate unit fits in with this trend. Previous customers represent a lucrative revenue stream and because the installer already has a relationship, conversion rates are often higher.”

While the good weather is likely to be short lived, the popularity of glass roofs continues to grow and demand for Climate looks set to carry on long into the future.

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Quality partnership for two likeminded companies

Glass Systems & Roseview WindowsWhen you manufacture one of the most authentic uPVC vertical sliding sash windows on the market today, every product you produce needs to be of the highest quality. It’s only fitting then that leading sash window fabricator Roseview Windows chose the UK’s biggest independent sealed unit manufacturer Glass Systems as their sealed unit supplier.

“Because of the nature of sash windows, we have to supply all our products fully glazed” explains managing director Willie Kerr. “We used to manufacture our own sealed units in-house but found it was easier and more cost-effective sourcing them from Glass Systems.  Glass Systems offer three weekly deliveries; fitting in perfectly with our manufacturing schedule, and meaning we don’t have to hold too much glass in stock. They offer the competitive trade prices you would expect from a company that produces 35,000 units plus per week and the product quality is consistently high; a factor I suspect that’s down to the massive investments they have made in recent years.”

The switch from in-house manufacturing to using Glass Systems as a supplier not only means better quality for Roseview’s products, it also means better quality of service for their customers.

Willie comments: “A great product is only one side of the story. If the sealed-units are late problems are going to occur and this will compromise the excellent service we offer our customers. With Glass Systems as our supplier we are confident we can in turn offer our customers with fast deliveries and a better overall service.”

Dave Summers, regional sales manager at Glass Systems comments: “It’s good to be working with a likeminded company who puts quality at the heart of everything they do. Roseview have some very innovative products, such as their mechanically jointed Ultimate Rose window, and we look forward to helping them continue their success into the future.”

Glass Systems offer a wide range of glass types including soft coat, toughened, laminated, obscure and decorative.  The company has invested £millions in new manufacturing equipment in recent years, enabling them to enhance quality and efficiencies throughout the factory and improve the energy efficiency of their products.

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Glass Systems Ltd Going For Continued Growth

With further significant Super Spacer Investment

The Glass Systems Group, has continued its investment strategy and acquired the UK’s first twin head Super Spacer applicator. The applicator will enable Glass Systems Ltd to produce both warm edge triple and double glazed sealed units with increased efficiency, preparing the business for the expected increase in demand for this type of product.

It is due to be installed in May 2013, when Glass Systems Ltd will switch to Super Spacer as their standard warm edge offering. Alan Atkinson, managing director of the Glass Systems Group explains:

“We’ve been using Edgetech at our conservatory roof division Climate for the past four years and last autumn successfully installed a fully automated Bystronic single head applicator at Glass Systems Direct, our sister company. Edgetech super spacer became our standard warm edge offering at Glass Systems Direct, and the next logical step was to continue the strategy at Glass Systems Ltd.

The increasing demand for warm edge, combined with an anticipated increase in triple glazed resulted in us going down the twin head option from Bystronic. This is a major acquisition for Glass Systems Ltd, but there is no doubt both us and our customers will benefit. It not only further automates production, increasing our efficiencies and quality, but also offers our customers that “something extra”. As well as ticking all the boxes in terms of WER requirements, the brand awareness and marketing help available from Edgetech for our customers, and in turn their customers, is a major plus for all concerned.

The trend for more warm edge IGUs is one that Alan does not see slowing down. He continues: “Two years ago warm edge represented about 10% of our business, but this is now at the 50% mark. With the new Building Regulations due in October this year, we envisage more and more demand and are gearing up for 80% warm edge. Fullfing this demand with Super Spacer is the natural choice and allows us to continue to be not only the largest independent IGU manufacturer in the UK, but also the most productive.”

Andy Jones, Edgetech’s Managing Director comments: “We’re delighted to support Glass Systems as Super Spacer becomes an increasingly important part of their business. Alan’s comment about the increase in demand for warm edge and the requirement to fullfil this demand cost effectively and with the highest levels of productivity, is one being echoed by many companies. Always a front runner in market developments and direction, Glass Systems shares Edgetech’s philosophy of staying ahead by investment, and we look forward to supporting their future growth.”

Glass Systems march east

UK MapThe Glass Systems Group, the UK’s largest independent sealed unit manufacturer, is successfully expanding its customer base to include the East of England. Glass Systems already has 30 customers in the area they supply to on a regular basis, and managing director Alan Atkinson anticipates this number is set to increase:

“Historically Glass Systems has not ventured into the Eastern side of England. However following the sad demise of major sealed unit manufacturer Uniglaze 2, a gap has been left in the market which prompted us take the next step of our expansion.

Short term customers in East Anglia are being serviced from our existing factory in South Wales, but we have already made a significant investment in plant and machinery, and this business will switch to our new production facility in the area in the coming months.

The expansion is being spearheaded by ex-director of Uniglaze 2, Mervyn Raby, who joined Glass Systems last November. Mervyn will ensure the transition into this new area and the establishment of the new facility runs smoothly and will continue to oversee existing customers as well as helping support new ones.

Alan continues “We established something similar with Glass Systems Direct Ltd, one of our group companies, five years ago, and the principle in East Anglia will be the same. Whilst a separate company, the new venture in East Anglia will benefit from the advantages, knowledge and expertise of our group.  It will have its own sales office, production facility, geographical area and customers.  As with Glass Systems Direct Ltd and Climate, the “head office” function, will be at our HQ in Swansea.

Alan concludes: “In difficult economic times we continue to invest in, and expand our business. We have seen major expansion and growth at Climate, our conservatory roof division, and Glass Systems Direct, over the last 18 months and the establishment of a new facility to cover the Eastern side of England is the next logical step.

The move into these new areas will allow an increasing customer base to benefit from the quality, level of service and attention to detail that Glass Systems existing customers have come to expect over the last 25 years.”

Year on year growth at Climate

Climate GlassClimate, the conservatory roof division of the UK’s largest independent sealed unit manufacturer, the Glass Systems Group, has announced that in 2012 it increased sales by an impressive 40% compared to 2011.

Climate has reported year on year growth since its formation, and the good news coincides with the recent Palmer report which assessed the current state of the conservatory market.

The report stated that although conservatory installations are down, the value of conservatories is increasing as homeowners invest in bigger conservatories that use more costly materials such as timber frames and glass roofs, instead of polycarbonate.

Alan Atkinson, Managing Director of Climate, comments: “One of the reasons conservatory values are increasing is homeowners are frequently choosing glass roofs over polycarbonate – and this is reflected in our 40% growth. Glass is inherently stronger than polycarbonate and offers a range of thermal and performance benefits such as increased noise reduction and good thermal insulation. It is these benefits that have seen glass continue to gain favour with homeowners and as a result we are manufacturing more sealed units to keep up with demand, allowing us to grow further even in the midst of an unstable economy.”

Climate has experienced phenomenal growth over the past months, with significant investments in machinery at the Port Talbot based factory. This has allowed the company to increase its capacity to over 3,000 sealed units per week and means they can offer unparalleled service and quality products to their customers.

Climate offers four types of conservatory roof glass – Aqua H.P, Activ Blue, Activ Neutral and Privacy – each with their own individual benefits to the end user. The range has become a firm favourite with fabricators, installers and homeowners alike, and Alan believes that the trend of expensive conservatories will provide even more selling opportunities for fabricators and installers.

“With glass conservatory roofs set to become even more popular, fabricators and installers can easily sell the benefits of the Climate range to homeowners, and because each one provides its own individual advantages there is a glass to suit every preference,” Alan concludes.

For more information call the Climate Sales Office on 01639 823778

New Appointment Strengthens Glass Systems Ltd

Glass Systems LtdGlass Systems Ltd is pleased to announce that former Uniglaze 2 Director Mervyn Raby has today (16/11/12) joined our team.

Managing Director Alan Atkinson comments: “I am delighted to welcome Mervyn to Glass Systems. His wealth of experience and knowledge of our industry adds real value to the business and will complement our own expertise.”

Alan continues: “In the short term, Glass Systems will be supplying sealed units into East Anglia from our existing factories, with vehicles based in the area. We will be offering customers in the area the same quality products, competitive prices, unparalleled level of service and attention to detail that our customers throughout the rest of England and Wales have enjoyed for many years.

“In the New Year our continued expansion will see a manufacturing facility set up in the area. It will help fill some of the void left by the sad demise of Uniglaze 2, and also offer employment opportunities to some of the experienced staff who now find themselves out of work in these hard economic times.”

For more details please contact Mervyn Raby on 07850 800577 or email

Glass Systems Direct grow a further 35%

Paul Irvine, MD Glass Systems Direct

Paul Irvine, MD Glass Systems Direct

Despite difficult trading conditions within the glass and glazing industry, Glass Systems Direct (GSD), the Llantrisant based division of the Glass Systems Group, has experienced phenomenal 35% growth over the past 12 months. These impressive figures further reinforce the Glass Systems Group as the UK’s largest independent sealed unit manufacturer and reflect the on-going investments made at GSD.

GSD’s managing director Paul Irvine comments: “Over the last few years we have made investments in transport, machinery and product development and these have significantly strengthened our position in the market. GSD have the infrastructure in place to offer the very best products, service and support and that is the reason we continue to attract new business and build long-lasting relationships with our fabricators and installers. Backed by a reliable sealed unit supplier, our customers are also succeeding and it’s rewarding to see them prosper during these challenging times.”

While 35% growth would satisfy most companies, GSD are not resting on their laurels and have big plans for the New Year. “2013 is shaping up to be another big year for GSD. We have started to supply more into the North in recent times and this strategy will continue to gain momentum and enable us to grow further. We offer the complete package and fabricators and installers in the North are beginning to recognise this and make GSD their primary sealed unit supplier.”

Products within the GSD portfolio include Eco-Pane, the high performing sealed unit manufactured using Planitherm Total Plus, and Pilkington EnergiKare sealed units, manufactured using Pilkington K Glass and Optiwhite. The company is stockist of all soft-coat glass, including Pilkington KS, Planitherm and Climaguard, and also offers a huge variety of leaded, stained and Georgian bar units as well as spandrel panels for the architectural glazing market.

“Finally I would like to thank our customers for all their help and loyalty over the years as this has played a huge part in achieving our impressive growth figures” Paul concludes.