Give your home
much more
than just light
and a view

Our Vision

We are here to provide a real difference.

Since our creation in the 1980’s, we have been driven by a clear vision, to give our customers what they want, when they want it, and at a fair price. Over the years we have been building a modern, continuously developing organisation. In 2015 we became a part of the globally active Press Glass Group, the largest independent Sealed Unit manufacturer for the construction and window industry in Europe. Press Glass is driven by the same philosophy as Glass Systems, 100% dedicated since our creation.

We contribute to the development of our business partners and sup­pliers, and create valuable job posi­tions within our communities. Our mission is to strengthen our cus­tomers by meeting and exceeding their expectations. We add value to our partners’ business by supply­ing enhanced products, services and solutions with continuously improving features.

Thanks to our customers’ trust in us and our values, we have become the UK’s leading producer with the biggest market share of insulated glass units within the UK.

Our vision is to be dynamic and to continuously develop and improve our organisation to give you the real difference. To be the real partner, support, and closer to your business needs.