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With three large production facilities Glass Systems leads the industry in IGU fabrication.

Our dedicated conservatory roof division, fabricates & distributes a range of conservatory roof glazing.

With our dedicated delivery fleet we have the ability to deliver across england and South Wales.

Our state of the art machinery allows us to produce IGU's in a fast and efficient way.

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About Climate Glass

Climate Glass is the dedicated conservatory roof division of Glass Systems, based at our Vizor toughening site in Port Talbot. We established Climate 2009 as a result of increasing popularity of glass roofs for conservatories and subsequent demand from our customers. With our extensive experience, we realized it needed to be separate from our other two sealed unit sites and treated as the special entity that conservatory roof glass undoubtedly is.

Climate has subsequently grown into one of the leading suppliers in the UK, currently manufacturing in excess of 3,000 roof units per week. We supply a broad spectrum of customers throughout England and Wales with an unparalleled level of service, quality and lead time.

Our conservatory roof glass

The evolvement of “intelligent” glass, specifically for use in conservatory roofs, has brought about a switch in recent years from traditional polycarbonate to glass in conservatory roofs. These new glass types take solar reflection and thermal insulation to a new level, and all this can be obtained from a readily available double glazed sealed unit that is easily fitted into a conservatory roof.

All Climate units are made using warm edge spacer, and combine the best of Pilkington’s and Saint Gobain’s specialist roof glass. Our three main brands – Climate Active Blue, Climate Active Neutral, and Climate Aqua HP, can make massive differences to the solar heat gain and thermal insulation efficiency of any conservatory, making them a more comfortable living space all the year round. Learn more about our solar, low emissivity, self-cleaning and privacy glass options here.

The self-cleaning properties of the Climate range, the fact that glass will has a longer lifespan compared to polycarbonate and the significant noise reduction properties especially against rainfall and traffic continue to make Climate an increasingly popular choice amongst consumers for their new or replacement conservatory roof.

Replacing conservatory roofs with Climate

It’s not just new conservatory installations that can benefit. An increasing amount of our customers are reglazing existing conservatory roofs with Climate units. A new “intelligent” glass roof, replacing a tired looking glazing in polycarbonate or poor performing glass, will make a massive difference to any conservatory. Upgrading old conservatory roofs is a simple and cost effective way of transforming a property that is becoming increasingly popular among homeowners.

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